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Getting Started

Welcome to the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is designed to take you through any questions you may have about setting up, managing and using Meeting Hub.

This section of the Knowledge Base is an overview of the steps required to set up Meeting Hub which is a quick an easy process.  Please follow the hyperlinks for additional information about each step.




Configure Organization Settings

The first step is to go through and add all of your company details into the Organization Settings section in My Meeting Hub.  These settings relate to the ‘Head Office’ of your company.  If you only have one location it is perfectly fine to duplicate the information in both Organization Settings and Centre settings.

We recommend leaving the Accounts/Finance section until the end as part of the Configure Billing stage as it is not required until you are ready to import your bookings into your accounting system.

Add Centres / Facilities

Next you will be able to add in your Locations.  Each location has its own settings such as address, contact details and opening hours. These can be configured in your Centre Settings.

Add Rooms / Spaces

Each Location or Centre has meeting rooms, boardrooms, day offices, hot desks and other bookable spaces which can be added as a Room / Space.  Here you can add in your pricing, opening hours, minimum booking duration, amenities, and photos.

Add Clients / Companies

Clients / Companies are the companies that book your spaces.  Each company can be programmed with custom discounts, gratis hours and the ability to pay via credit card (not available in Meeting Hub Lite) or invoice.  We recommend adding your regular bookers and internal clients in manually so that you can ensure they receive the correct pricing when booking. When someone registers their Company is created automatically should you wish to edit their settings.

Add Users (Individuals)

Each User is attached to a Company and therefore receives is able to book using the custom discounts and gratis hours programmed on their Company’s account.  Each user is able to log in using their email address and password and can be easily added into Meeting Hub.


Configure Cancellation Terms

Cancellation terms and can be added into Meeting Hub and are automatically applied when a booking is cancelled.  Your cancellation terms can include multiple options based on different levels of notice provided.


Configure Billing and do Test import

Meeting Hub can import all booking data into your accounting system allowing you to invoice your internal clients, reconcile payments and report on your revenue.  There are a few steps required to setting up the billing process and these are all found in the Manage Billing section of the Knowledge Base

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