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Billing File Set-up

General Ledger Codes

Contact your accounts team, book-keeper or finance admin team member and ask them to provide you with the accounting codes that relate to the various charges listed in Meeting Hub.

  • Account Codes – These are generally General Ledger or GL Codes.  These are the codes that when charges are processed within Meeting Hub, the code allocates the charges to the right ‘bucket’ within the accounting software


  • Inventory Codes –Some accounting systems like Xero for example provide you with the ability to capture additional codes for items which are tracked when they are used.  These are typically called “Inventory items”.  Each of these items typically has a unique code associated with it.  You are able to map this into Meeting Hub in the “Inventory code” field provided.  These codes will then be included in the billing file export and can be uploaded into your accounting system.


These can then be mapped under My Organization Settings in the Accounts/Finance section.


TIP: For additional information relating to General Ledger codes please look at My Organization Settings 


Column Headings

These fields allow you to customise the billing file output (CSV file) so that it’s easy to import it into your accounting system.  Every accounts system is slightly different however you have full control over the billing file to suit your particular needs.

We recommend you start by asking your accounts team if they currently upload charges into your accounts system – They will likely have a template already which shows the fields your accounting system requires, and what the column headings should be to successfully import the file into your accounting system.

The column names under “MH Columns” are the Meeting Hub default columns.  If you wish to replace these column headings based on your own accounting system you can enter your preferred column headings in the “Organization Columns” fields provided  (this is called field mapping) and will ensure there is a smooth upload process.



TIP: For additional information relating to the Column Headings please look at My Organization Settings 

in Manage Billing

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