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Logging In

To login to Meeting Hub from your Organizations Meeting Hub URL, click ‘log in/ Sign up’ and if already registered, enter your email and password combination.

If not yet registered, click ‘sign up’ to create new login details.

Once logged in, clicking the ‘Welcome” button will pop out three options:

1. My Details

Here you can View / Edit your details as well as see a summary view of Your bookings and Company Bookings

2. My Meeting Hub

When clicked the Dashboard with launch with access to the full Meeting Hub Administrator Menu.

The Administrator Menu allows you to view and manage all of your Organization’s settings and bookings. Some Business Centra Admin Users prefer to land on the Admin Menu page when they login, if this is your preference, click the link to watch a short tutorial on how to create an Admin Panel Bookmark (Shortcut) Create an Admin Menu Bookmark (Shortcut)

3. LogOut

Clicking on LogOut will log you out of the current session of Meeting Hub. Note, we recommend you log out each time you leave your computer or at least at the end of each day.


Tip: each menu item within Meeting Hub includes a link to a knowledge base article about that page – use 

in Accessing and Setting Up Meeting Hub Tags: dashboardlogging inuser experience

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