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A Meeting Hub Location / Centre is the physical building where bookable spaces reside. The Location / Centre may be a single building or may be part of a group of buildings or campus. Your organization may have a single Location, or many Locations. From Locations / Centers you can create, edit, deactivate or archive a Location.

Watch the YouTube video to learn how to configure Locations for your Organization.

To navigate to Locations / Centers, from the ‘Welcome’ button, click on ‘My Meeting Hub‘.

From the Admin Panel, select ‘Manage Space / Facilities‘, then select ‘Locations / Centers

List Locations / Centers

If your organization has multiple locations they will display here in list view once created.  The following actions are available for each center:

View Detail

Viewing the Center Details displays the information configured relating to the selected center.


The Edit action allows changes to the existing configuration for the selected Center. Remember the Organization settings are the master settings for items such as Tax Type – if a particular Center has a different tax type, it should be added at the Center level, which then overrides the organization setting. If the Center has the same tax type as the Organization, it is not necessary to add it at the Center level.

Revenue targets can be set here for your Centers. This is optional but should be completed if you would like to utilize the reporting available to compare revenue targets to actuals.


Should a Center / Location no longer be available, it can be deactivated by selecting ‘Deactivate’.  Should the Center / Location become available in the future, it can be reactivated when you are ready.


If a Center / Location is permanently decommissioned, it can be removed by selecting ‘Archive’.

TIP: if a Center / Location is accidentally archived, please contact the Meeting Hub support team, who will be able to assist in retrieving the Center.

Add Location / Center

Location / Center Name

This is a mandatory field. The name of the Center / Location will be displayed throughout the application and booking process.

Booking confirmation email

This is a mandatory field. Enter the email address where you would like your organization’s booking confirmations to be sent, for example, Reception. A copy will automatically be sent to the booker.

Booking confirmation emails (CC)

This is not a mandatory field, but if completed, must differ from the main ‘Booking confirmation email’. If you would like the confirmation to be sent to multiple contacts within your organization you can list CC email addresses here, separated by a comma.  This is particularly useful if you want to send copies of booking confirmations directly to accounts or to your CRM system.

Contact Details: Email & Contact Number

These are mandatory fields and are used for booking confirmations at the Center / Location.

Open and close time

These are mandatory fields. The Center open and close times influence when your customers will be able to book.

TIP: Business Center Admin users are able to override the open and close time parameters and make bookings on behalf of your customers but Basic users will only be able to see meeting room availability within the open / close time parameters.  

Time zone

This is a mandatory field. To ensure that bookings are made in the correct timezone, please select the correct timezone for the Center / Location.

Site ID

Site ID is not a mandatory field. It is a unique ID for the Center / Location. If you add a Site ID, it will be included in the billing file along with the transactions for that Center / Location.

Date format

The Master Date format is set at the Organization level. Should you wish a Center / Location to have a different date format, it should be set here. If the format is the same as the Organization Setting, there is no need to complete this field.


This setting allows you to have a different tax setting for the particular Center / Location to the Organization setting. If the tax setting is the same as the Organization, there is no need to complete this field.


This is a mandatory field and sets the region for the particular Location / Center and influences which locations display when searching to book.

Center / Location Address

The center address is the physical location of the center and allows the booker to search by city.

Revenue Target

The revenue targets by month for the Center / Location can be set here. The actual target will be populated by actual booking values. You will notice you are able to review previous years when revenue targets were set. Revenue Targets can only be edited for current and future years.

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