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Centers / Facilities

List Business Centers

If you have multiple locations they will show here in list view.  Within each center you will be able to perform the following actions:

View Center Detail

This shows all of the information relating to the center and its settings

Edit Center

This will allow you to make changes to the current settings within the center

Inactive Center

If you wish to remove the center from availability you can deactivate it using this option.  You will be able to reactivate it when you are ready.

Archive Center

If you wish to permanently remove the center you can select ‘archive center’.

TIP: if this is done by accident please contact Meeting Hub support who will be able to assist in retrieving the center

Add Business Centers

Meeting Hub add new centre landing page


This is the name of the center that you are listing and will display throughout the booking process.

Booking confirmation email

When a booking is made the booker automatically receive a copy of the booking confirmation.  This is where you can detail which email address also receives a copy of the confirmation to alter the team that a booking has been made.

Booking confirmation emails (CC)

If you would like the confirmation to be sent to multiple center contacts you can list BCC email addresses here.  This is particularly useful if you want to send copies of booking confirmations directly to accounts or into your CRM system.

Contact email

The email address that will receive any enquiries relating to bookings at this Business Center.  When the booking confirmation is sent from Meeting Hub we will display this “Reply to” address.  If one of your customers replies to a booking confirmation, those replies will then be routed to the address entered here.

Contact number

The contact number allowing bookers to reach the Business Center.

Open and close time

The staffed hours of the business center.  Online bookings can be only be made during staffed hours.

TIP: After hours bookings can be input on behalf of clients by Business Center Admin users but Basic users will only be able to see meeting room availability within staffed hours.  You can add a note in the meeting room description to outline your after hour booking policy.

Time zone

To ensure that bookings are made at the correct time please select the correct timezone for the Business Center.

Site ID

This option relates to billing and is only relevant if you have multiple locations and/or if your accounting system requires a code to differentiate your locations within your billing import.

Date format

Select if you would prefer the date to be displayed as DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY


This setting allows you to load in any local taxes and determine whether the prices displayed and inclusive of exclusive of the taxes.  Note: The total price showing a breakdown of the taxes will be displayed prior to confirmation.


Select the region in which the Business Center is located.  If your region is not displayed please contact Meeting Hub support.

Center Address

The center address is the physical location of the center and allows the booker to search by city

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