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Booking Cancellation Rules

Meeting Hub provides you with a powerful, yet simple to configure set of Cancellation Rules.  This will enable you to enforce your terms & conditions in a consistent manner.

Whenever you cancel a booking in Meeting Hub, the system will consult these rules to calculate whether the cancellation is within your terms & conditions, and if the customer is due to receive a refund or not.

You can see by the below screenshot the terms are configured simply by entering in:



  • The minimum number of days;
  • The maximum number of days;
  • The maximum number of attendees

In the screenshot below if the customer provides less than a days notice there will be no refund.  If the customer provides between 1 – 3 days notice, then they will receive a 25% refund.  Between 4 – 7 days they will receive a 50% refund.  Anything more than 8 days will receive a 100% refund.

Note: The refund amount is calculated on the total booking value inclusive of amenities or any additional charges.

How do my customers know what these terms & conditions are, and where can they view them?

Your Meeting Hub consultant has worked with your Meeting Hub Administrator to configure these cancellation rules, and these rules are including & displayed in your terms & conditions via the link on your Meeting Hub site.

Each time customers book they are asked to confirm they accept these terms & conditions.


How does a customer know which terms have been applied to a cancellation?

When a booking is cancelled, the corresponding cancellation term is included in the notification which is sent to the customer.


When will the refund be processed (if a refund is due)?

Where the preferred payment method is credit card, Meeting Hub will immediately process the refund onto the customers credit card.  Where the preferred payment method is invoice, please consult your organization internal procedures for how these are handled.


Will the customer receive a credit note for the refund?

Yes they will.  Meeting Hub will create a credit note entry in the billing file.  The next time the billing process is performed, this transaction will be imported into your accounting system and a corresponding credit note will be issued.


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