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List Bookings

The List Bookings feature allows you to manage your bookings with ease.  The List Bookings view, allows you to search for and perform actions on existing bookings.  The PDF icon in the top right corner allows you to generate a daily Run Sheet which lists all of your bookings including any notes, amenities, or requirements.

The Action menu displayed depends on whether your organization screens bookings:

Organization’s that do not screen bookings will see the following Actions:

Organisations that do screen bookings will see the following Action menu:

List Bookings Action Menu

View Booking

Clicking on View Booking will display all details associated with a particular booking. The Action button on the top right of the screen enables you to:

  • add ‘Notes’ to the booking
  • View Confirmation
  • Reschedule / Extend the booking
  • add ‘Additional Charges’
  • Refund Charge; or
  • Cancel the booking


Clicking Notes will allow you to capture or view notes regarding a specific booking – these will be displayed on the PDF Run Sheet when you print it as well.  Please note, once you have clicked on Notes, scroll down the screen to the bottom of the page to view / add Notes relating to the selected booking. Notes are used for example if a customer has called in and requested a particular room setup, or requires stationery to be provided.

TIP: These notes will not show on any client confirmations.  These are internal notes and will only display on your PDF Run Sheet.

Confirm Booking

If your organization screen’s bookings (a configuration item on Organization settings) your Action Menu will have the Confirm Booking option. Once clicked the booking will be confirmed and the booker is notified by email.

View Confirmation

When clicked, View Confirmation will generate in a new tab as a downloadable PDF and is a copy of the confirmation received by the Booker and by the Location / Center.

TIP: If a booker requests a copy of their confirmation or Tax Invoice you can download it here to attach to an email.


Once a booking has been confirmed, you are able to make changes if required.

If the booking is the same duration, day and location but simply needs to be moved to a different space, this can be moved simply using the drag and drop feature in calendar view.

However, if the booking requires more specific amendments you can use the reschedule function to move the booking to a different Location / Center, change the space and amend the start and end times.  Once the changes are confirmed the booker will receive an amended confirmation displaying the new details.

TIP: If a booker wants to cancel their booking and rebook a different date, use the reschedule function to avoid generating cancellation fees. 

Additional Charges

Additional Charges allow you to process an additional charge or charges e.g for catering, after a booking has been made.  Customer’s credit card details are securely stored and Location / Center staff are able to process these charges on behalf of their customers.

To add Additional Charges, simply enter in the “Amount to charge” (exclusive of Tax), then enter the “Reason for charges” and then click “Charge booking”.

TIP: If the payment method was credit card, Meeting Hub will automatically charge the customers credit card and send a corresponding notification.  Likewise, if the payment method is invoice a notification will be sent.  In both instances, the billing file is also updated.

Refund Charge

You can refund all or part of a booking cost as well as any amenities that have been booked.  If payment was made via Credit Card: Meeting Hub will automatically calculate the Refund, and process the refund back onto the Customers Credit Card as well as send them a notification accordingly; If payment method was Invoice: Meeting Hub will create a transaction in the billing file.

To refund a charge, enter the amount that you wish to refund (exclusive of tax), add a ‘reason for refund’ and then click ‘refund charge’.

TIP: If you are refunding multiple items use the “plus” icon to add additional refund lines.

Mark As Paid

Mark as Paid is an optional field to use during your billing process. Most Meeting Hub Customers track their payment status within their accounting system. Mark as Paid will only be displayed if the payment method for the client is set to invoice. The setting allows you to track which bookings have been paid, or not yet paid if you are not uploading billing information into your accounting system from Meeting Hub.

Tip: Mark as Paid should only be selected when completing your billing process. Once clicked the bookings displayed will be marked as paid.

Cancel Booking

Meeting Hub will calculate the correct cancellation fee based on the cancellation terms that have been configured.  An option to override the cancellation terms will pop-up, this will also allow you to alter the amount refunded.

If the customer paid via Credit Card: Meeting Hub will automatically calculate the Refund, and process the refund back onto the Customers Credit Card, send the customer a notification accordingly and update the billing file; If payment method was Invoice: Meeting Hub will create a transaction in the billing file.

Note: Refunds display with the prefix data set in Organization settings under ‘Prefix sequence for Refunds’.

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