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Billing File Download and Import

Accessing The Billing File

Once logged into Meeting Hub as a BC Admin User Type, you will find the Billing Menu under ‘Manage Bookings’:

Once selected, the billing page will display in list view showing all booking data within Meeting Hub.  This data can then be filtered by date range and/or Location which allows for centralised or distributed billing processes.


Generating the file

Before you generate the billing file, ensure that the field mapping has been completed.

To generate the billing file complete the below steps:

  1. Enter the start date from which you wish to display bookings
  2. Enter the end date from which you wish to display bookings
  3. Select the Location for which you would like to display bookings.  If you wish to List all Locations simply leave this section blank
  4. Click ‘Go’ to display your required search parameters
  5. Click ‘Download’ to export to Excel. The downloaded file can be saved in the format required by your accounting software (E.g. CSV file), this will enable you to upload the file directly to your accounting software once all relevant fields have been mapped.


Ticking ‘mark exported for invoicing’ means that these charges have now been exported from Meeting Hub to your accounting software. This will influence the numbering of subsequent transactions (reschedule, cancel, add charge, refund charge or extend booking) associated with this booking.


Importing the File

In order to import the Meeting Hub Billing File into your accounting software, you must have mapped all necessary fields. Field Mapping is completed on the Manage Space / Facilities > My Organization Settings page – scroll to Billing File Columns.


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