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Stay Connected With Clients During COVID-19 and Beyond

Now more than ever its imperative that you stay connected with clients.  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses of all types to adapt, adjust and in some cases, to re-invent themselves.  Looking forward, this crisis has the potential to firmly propel flexible working to the mainstream.  Businesses across the globe have been forced to become accustomed to remote working.

Connecting with your clients and in turn their end clients to understand what they need at this time is critical.  This can be done by providing solutions to your client’s to leverage in order for them to retain business.  In doing so, you’re ensuring that their clients continue to value them, despite working remotely. Thinking innovatively and doing the right thing for your clients will protect your business in the long term.

Use this time to focus on process improvement.  Develop new capabilities and methods of working, to help capitalise on opportunities as and when the market recovers.  Check out our Operation Resilience series to learn how you can position yourself best to exit the current pandemic crisis.

Stay connected with clients via virtual events

Let’s face it people predominantly use flexible workspaces to avoid the social isolation felt when working from home.  For others, a shared workspace environment helps to keep them more focused on their work.

We have great technology at our fingertips that enables us to stay connected with clients.  Many of the solutions such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams only require the host to have the application.  This means participants simply join via the option of a web link or app they can download.  Skype is simple to use, with participants and host downloading an app to their devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone).

To maintain that sense of connection with clients during these testing times we recommend using tools with video function enabled.  Not only do these tools help people connect, they also help promote smarter, more efficient ways of communication and collaboration.

Use the tools to host virtual events for your clients, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or happy hour.  We’re seeing more companies hosting virtual events to stay connected in a face-to-face way, even if it’s mediated via screens.

Take the opportunity to run remote sessions for clients covering helpful topics, like how to run an effective remote meeting.  This keeps client’s engaged with your workspace whilst gaining valuable support from you during this difficult time.

If budget allows, extend your conferencing plan to allow client access to enable their business through this challenging period.

Website content that helps you stay connected with clients

COVID-19 is front and centre of everyone’s mind right now. Clients are seeking out information on what businesses are doing during this time. Consider adding content to your website with general tips and advice and what you are doing for your clients.

Increase your Social Media Presence to improve connectedness

Undoubtedly, social media is where an overwhelming majority of people are turning for information, communication, and social interaction. This is where you should focus and be part of the conversation.  Keep clients up to date with changes in your services and what you’re doing to protect them and their staff.  Consider offering advice and information they might find useful, and to advise that you are still open for business.  It can be helpful to increase your posting frequency to ensure you are showing up in client news feeds.

If your business has yet to engage in any meaningful way with social media, now is the time. Think about whether you can deploy some of your employees (who might otherwise face losing their jobs) to focus here.

Getting Through This Together

We’re all doing our best to navigate this unprecedented crisis for the first time. Staying connected, reaching out to clients, nurturing the community feeling is how people (and businesses) will get through this together.

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