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Meeting Hub Operation Resilience

The impact of COVID-19 on the Flexible Workspace industry (and many other industries) globally has been hard-hitting.  Now is the time to ensure you have built resilience into your business, and business plan.  It’s important we look to the future, be prepared to move as the green shoots of recovery begin to appear.

Whilst the immediate priority is “flattening the curve” and minimising the spread of the coronavirus, at Meeting Hub we are also working with our clients to minimise the impact to their business.  We share practical and actionable real-world ideas based on our 15 years of industry experience as a software solution and consulting provider. Now is the time to prepare for when the world transitions back to “normal”.

Image of green shoots appearing from parched ground


What financial support is available to SME’s?

If your business has been financially impacted by the pandemic, check your eligibility for any government initiatives in your region that have been put in place to help businesses to remain viable in these unprecedented times. We’ve included some links below that might be useful (please take note of the region):
In this first edition, we explore the general concept of Best Practice.  What is it, how do I get it and what does it mean to my business.  We then explore a number of simple, easy to implement tips & tricks that cover finance best practice such as:

In this era of social distancing, we also take a look at ways to maintain connectedness with your clients.

Series 2 – Customer Experience & CRM Best Practice

In our second edition, we explore Customer Experience and CRM Best Practice.  Understanding our customers is key to our success and helps us to remain agile in a changing landscape.

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