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Search Results Page

The Search Results Page allows a ‘Booker’ to set filters based on their preferred booking requirements. The available filters are:

  1. Region: to select the preferred region (area)
  2. Space Type: to select the preferred space type E.g. Meeting Room, Training Room, Recreation Space
  3. Date: to select the preferred date for the event to take place
  4. Time (start): to select the preferred start time of the event
  5. Duration: to select the duration of the event
  6. Capacity: an optional filter where there are capacity requirements
  7. Price: an optional filter where there are budgetary requirements
  8. Search: Once the filters have been selected the Search button will then display the results of the selected criteria. Should there be no matching results alternate available options will be displayed
  9. Map: will display Centers and Locations within the selected region
  10. Toggle Button: The map can be toggled on and off as required
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