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Reporting: Top Clients

The Top Clients report displays, based on selected filters, your organisation’s Top Clients by booking value. This report allows you to measure which client’s are bringing in the greatest revenue to your business. Let’s take a look at the report in detail:

  1. The Report Type filter: Here you select the report that you wish to view, in this case, Top Clients
  2. Report Duration: Filter based on your preferred duration (E.g. per month or per year)
  3. Select Location: Allows you to look at a single Location or ‘All’ Locations.
  4. Tax: View the report inclusive or exclusive of tax
  5. Amenities: View the report inclusive or exclusive of Amenities
  6. Generate: The Generate button which click generates a graphical representation of the selected data. Once you have generated the graphical representation, hover over the bubbles within the graph for more granular detail.
  7. Excel: The excel button when clicked downloads a csv. file including the selected data.
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