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Recurring Bookings

The Recurring Bookings feature is part of the Meeting Hub Pro Package. This feature enables Administrator Users to make recurring bookings on behalf of their customers.

The Recurring Booking feature is accessed from the Find a Space Landing Page via the Recurring Booking button:

Once the Recurring Booking button has been selected, and you have been directed to the Space Landing Page, the following steps should be completed:

  1. Select whether the recurring booking is ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’ or ‘Monthly’. If the booking can only be made on Weekdays you should also tick the ‘Weekdays only’ box.
  2. Select the ‘From’ date (in the left calendar box) and the ‘To’ date in the right calendar box. Note: the booking start date must be within the Space’s set up rules E.g. if the space is set to 1 day’s notice the recurring booking can only start from tomorrow. The booking end date must be after the booking start date.
  3. Click Next: you will be redirected to the booking confirmation page which will list each booking within the recurring booking series individually as a list. Review the list for accuracy.
  4. Select the ‘Client’ whom the booking is for as well as the User and click ‘Confirm’.
  5. The Confirmation Email will list all bookings in the series in one email. These bookings can then be managed via the Actions Menu under “List Bookings” as individual bookings or as part of a series. E.g When adding Amenities, Rescheduling, or Cancelling, you will be prompted to change just a single booking or all bookings within the series.


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