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Companies (Clients)

List Companies (Clients)

This list view displays all of your Organisations Companies (Clients) that are currently set-up in Meeting Hub.  From this list, you can search for a Company by Client Name. The Action button provides the ability to View Users associated with the selected Client, Edit Clients or Archive Clients.

Add Client

The best way to add new Clients is for a Customer to register themselves at the time of booking when doing so the Client account and User Account are created simultaneously and are then associated with each other. Should you need to manually add a Client this menu option allows you to do so. Simply click the plus icon to add a new Client.

Note: In Meeting Hub all Users are associated with a corresponding Client.  Clients are logical groupings and relate to a particular Company (or Customer) of yours.

Add Company

Edit Client

This Action field allows you to Edit a Client’s record.

Edit Client

Unique Client ID

This is typically a Unique ID associated with your customer and is non-mandatory.  When Meeting Hub processes bookings for any of this Client’s Users, the unique ID is stored in the billing data and is available for upload into external systems such as an accounts system.

Client Name

This is the client’s company name – when other Users of this company register, they can select this company from the drop-down list on the Registration page to ensure they are associated with the Client.

Address, website and contact number

This information is optional, many Meeting Hub clients already hold this information in another system and don’t require it to be duplicated within Meeting Hub.

Preferred Payment Method

Here you can select Credit Card or Invoice as the preferred payment method.  The default global payment method for your Organization is set within Organizational Settings and is applied to a Client when a new Client registers. Should your client opt for a different payment method to the default this setting can be altered on the Client record to suit a client’s individual needs.

Send Booking Confirmations Only

This setting allows you to control whether a client receives a “Booking Confirmation” or “Booking Confirmation / Tax Invoice” when a booking is processed for them.

Custom Rates

Meeting Hub enables 3 different rate tables:

  • Standard rates: These are the rates that have been configured on the Spaces themselves.  Often referred to as “External rates”, they are the highest rates payable for a Space;
  • Internal rates: These are typically used by “Existing” customers e.g Serviced Office, Virtual Office, or Co-working members.  These are configured as a Discount Rate % on the Client page.
  • Custom rates: These are bespoke rates which a particular client has negotiated with you.  If a client already receives a Discount Rate % the Additional Discount % is applied after the first Discount Rate.

Note: Discounts in Meeting Hub are cumulative.  Discounts apply to the room charge only and not to any amenities such as Tea & Coffee.

Monthly Gratis Minutes

Meeting Hub can track & enforce “Gratis” or Free time.  Some providers may offer 5 hours free usage per month, however this is often difficult to track.  With Meeting Hub you configure how many hours per month the customer should receive.  Once Gratis time has been used the customer will begin to be charged for all bookings over the Gratis allowance.  The allowance will automatically reset at the beginning of each calendar month.  Gratis minutes are shared between all Users of a Client.

Used Gratis Minutes Log

The gratis minutes log shows how much of a Client’s Gratis allocation has been used each month.  As gratis minutes are non-cumulative the log does not show past months.

Future bookings are taken out of the gratis minute allocation of the month in which the booking is held.  This means that if a booking is made in March for August, the minutes will be deducted from the August allocation.

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