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Book Now Button

A book now button on your website will allow your customers to book your spaces at the click of a button directly from your website. This can increase revenue and space utilisation whilst reducing the admin overhead associated with taking bookings. If you include a page on your website about your spaces, this is the ideal place for the Book Now button.

There are two options, each with their own URL, that can be entered into your website Book Now button. The options are:

  • If you have one or two spaces: you may wish to direct your customers directly to their preferred space from your website. In this case, copy the URL from Meeting Hub on the space landing page.
  • If you have multiple sites and many spaces: you may prefer to direct your customers to the search page where they can specify their filter criteria such as size of space, type of space, price, date and preferred location. In this case, copy the URL from the “Find a space” landing page

In addition to a Book Now button on your website, you may wish to add the same to your Facebook and Instagram pages. Read our How to add a booking button to your Facebook Page! News article to find out how this can be done.


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