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Enabling best practice within our customers

You may not be aware alongside our Meeting Hub software we also provide consulting services enabling best practice for customers. These services cover the full customer life-cycle from cradle to grave encompassing:

• Sales & Marketing;
• Finance;
• Operations;
• Project Management / Project Delivery;
• Customer service; and
• Technology & Software development;

We provide these services within the flexible workspace industry and beyond.  Our team has experience across verticals such as banking & finance, aged care, professional services, NFP’s, technology services, & start-ups.  In this series, we will share insights gained over 15 years in our industry, and 30+ years in consulting more generally.

The Cambridge dictionary defines enabling best practice as “A working method or set of working methods that is officially accepted as being the best to use in a particular business or industry, usually described formally and in detail”

Together lets break down the barriers and myths with practical solutions that transgress industries to solve common business problems.  We’ll show you by enabling best practice in your business you’ll unlock the full potential within.

Importantly, how to attract more business than your competitors.  Reduce your sales cycle and increase conversion rates.  Remove revenue leakage whilst onboarding customers more effectively, efficiently (and profitably) and then servicing them.

Best practice principles

As part of the Meeting Hub Operation Resilience series we explore the topic of “Best Practice”.  What is it, and how do I get more of it!”
Client’s often ask “I want to implement best practice principles across {Insert customer’s business problem here}.  But what does best practice really mean?  It’s not like a cake recipe you download from the internet.  You can’t just gather your ingredients, set the oven to 180 Deg C and in 45 minutes you’re done.  So how do you “achieve it”?

From experience, when someone says they want “best practice” it’s a clear sign that what they really mean is.  “I have a problem in my business that I’m not sure how to solve.  There has to be a better way of doing this.  I need your help to identify the cause of the problem and how to overcome it.”

Sound familiar? The most important thing to remember is you shouldn’t feel like you’re in this on your own.  Besides, most business problems are not unique, it’s just that you haven’t experienced this particular problem before. You may see 1, 2 or even a dozen centres and you may have even inherited your business processs.

On the other hand, we see thousands every day around the world so there’s not many problems we haven’t overcome.

How do you enable best practice?

When someone says “I’d like to enable best practice” we’re able to design what is best practice for their business.  We do this based on learnings from others because we tailor the end solution to meet their needs.

By working with customers we enable best practice principles that are baked into the solution design from the outset.  Not all business problems are solved with technology.  In fact, most problems are solved by business process or by engaging the people themselves who perform the tasks daily. Often your people need the ability to work with an independent team to help put the puzzle pieces together.

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