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Sales Handover

As part of our Sales & Marketing edition of Operation Resilience, we look at some of the CRM technology available to help support the sales process & customer handover. For now, let’s focus on the people & process.

As the saying goes, “The show ain’t over until the fat lady sings” or in our world, “The salesperson’s job ain’t over until the first invoice goes out the door”.

It is key to ensure there is a formal sales handover to finance once the contract is signed. This can’t be an onerous or time-consuming task, or we find people start saying “What do you want me to do, sales or do admin”. It should be easy to put in practice, and any incentive schemes linked to the process.

Creation of templates

Email templates help streamline the process further. Create a template, for example, titled “New client Introduction” which is sent (by sales) to the other key areas of the business. This email should include:

• Client name;
• Operational point of contact;
• Finance point of contact;
• Overview of the services purchased;
• Variations to standard contract terms E.g Step deal, Termination notice periods; anything “out of the norm”;
• Billing amount, frequency, introductory deals, discounts or offers including their expiration;
• Overview of the business your new client is in;
• Any other key information or commitments that were made to the customer during the sales cycle

Send the email to Finance, Operations, IT and any other 3rd parties required. Sales should take responsibility to ensure that the promises made (by them) are then delivered. Other areas of the business should not need to go hunting for the information as an error this early in your relationship with a new customer won’t get you off on the right foot.

If you are using a CRM tool these emails can be automated based on achieving a certain sales milestone. We also recommend using your CRM tool across all areas of the business. That way, once Finance has sent the initial invoice out to the customer they can advise Sales.

At that point Sales can then set the deal in your CRM to “Closed Won” so that the deal appears in their monthly commission report. No invoice, no commission – Simple.

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