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Pick your Meeting Room Booking System plan

We have 3 Meeting Room Booking System plans available depending on your business objectives.  You pay one low monthly fee per bookable space, or per physical location whichever suits you best with no commission!

More than 6 rooms or bookable spaces in your centre?

Then license Meeting Hub on a Per Location basis – It’s more cost effective!

Lite: $60, Standard: $75, Pro: $150 for up to 6 rooms per location.  Need to add more rooms?  Contact us for custom pricing.

All pricing is AUD and exclusive of GST

Meeting room booking system – Frequently asked questions

What's a Space?

To us a space is any of the following which can be booked: Meeting room, Boardroom, Conference room, Office, Hot-desk etc.

What's a Location?

To us a location is a physical address or building.  If you have 2 floors in the building then it’s still a single location to us.

Whats the contract term?

We provide a flexible, month to month agreement.  Simply provide us with 30 days notice if you want to stop the service.

Do you offer a discount?

If you have multiple locations or would like a 12, 24 or 36 month agreement talk to us about the discounts available.

How long is the setup?

You can be up and running within minutes.  All you do is configure your centres, rooms and rates then you’re good to go

Is there a setup fee?

No.  You can set Meeting Hub up yourself, or if you would like us to do it for you we can provide you a quote for implementation.

What about multi-currency?

Stripe payments supports over 125 different currencies.  You can choose what currency you use by default to charge your customers in.

Can I pay Meeting Hub in my local currency?

You sure can!  The prices quoted are AUD – Get in touch and we’ll let you know what the price is for your local currency, and how you can pay in your local curency as well.

Is an API available?

Yes there is!  With the API you can build your own front-end applications.  You’ll need the Pro package and there is a monthly API access fee.

How many bookable spaces per location?

If you are using per location pricing we allow 6 bookable spaces per location.  If you need more than this, please contact us for custom pricing.

I don't currently charge for my meeting rooms?

That’s O.k  You can configure how much free time your internal clients or members receive, and just charge external clients.

Hey, can you sell my space for me?

We dont offer a brokerage service.  There’s loads of them out there though.  We are here to help reduce your reliance on brokers!.

Not quite ready to use a meeting room booking system yet?

Maybe you’re still a little unsure and would prefer a 30-Day free trial or perhaps you have some questions still, and would like to walk through Meeting Hub with one of the team.  Just let us know, we’re here to help!