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Cloud Booking Software: Branded as you

Meeting Hub is a purpose built, cloud based online meeting room booking system designed for anyone who needs to take bookings for rooms, offices or desks of any kind online.

Although we work heavily with Business Centres, Serviced Offices & Coworking spaces, we also work with Education & Training providers or anyone who needs to advertise space to book online.

Key features of a good online booking system

A good online booking system should make the booking process easier, nor more difficult for your customers.  At the same time it should also streamline your internal business operations and ultimately improve the bottom line.  The booking software should be simple and intuitive much like it is to book a flight or hotel.  It needs to have intuitive functions that make it easy for customers to search for available rooms, choose their preferred meeting time and make a reservation & payment within minutes.

Keep in mind, online bookings & reservations is extending your sales function and providing the facility to literally close a sale then and there, so it’s revenue generating and an important tool as part of your overall sales strategy.  If you’re not taking bookings online you can guarantee that your competitors probably are, and that means you’re losing business and visitors into your centre.

At the same time, for your convenience and peace of mind your online booking system should be flawless and reliable. You would not want a client to go to another booking service or workspace provider because your booking system wasn’t easy to use, intuitive or reliable. At a minimum your online booking software must have the following basic features:

  • User-friendly – must be easy to understand and intuitive to any kind of user (internal or external). If a user finds it challenging to book using the system on your site, they can easily search for another site and you will lose the deal.
  • Data management – it must have the functions you need to collect and analyze data to support key decisions such as booking volume, booking value and occupancy levels down to the facility, and room level. Also, you must be able to export all key booking data for detailed analysis and re-use in other internal systems.
  • Payment processing – even if you don’t want to use it on day 1 you will over time.  You can’t book a hotel or flight without payment, and you should treat your rooms the same.  Your booking software should process payments efficiently, securely and in your local currency without the need for funds to transit via an intermediary or 3rd party.
  • Inventory management system – it must be able to allow your customers to book different types of inventory such as: meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, day offices, hot-desks.  Each booking should be itemized for all charges to ensure transparency to customers and reduced service related issues.
  • Calendar and scheduling – integrated with your website, and connected with your payment system, a centralized booking calendar keeps track and informs you of booking commitments, booking schedules and changes.
  • Automated updates – it is crucial that there is real-time processing and updating of booking information, booking confirmation generation, ability to change rates, as well as being able to remotely access all information.
  • Mobile device compatibility – for anytime, anywhere access to real-time booking information by agents, staff and other concerned personnel.

Benefits of using meeting room booking software

Now that you’ve seen some of the features of an online booking system you’re probably wondering what are the benefits?  Well, they are many and there’s a reason that more and more people are turning to technology to enable their online bookings every day.  Here’s some of the benefits we believe come from using online meeting room booking software:

  • Productivity. Less time managing booking activities means more time focusing on customers.
  • Efficiency. Means you can trim back or re-deploy existing staff to support your customer service requirements.
  • Accessibility. Instead of filling in forms or leaving your customers sitting on hold they can self-serve and book online.
  • Payment Security. Enable instant, secured, assured payment improving cash flow, reducing bad debt exposure and directly improve your bottom line.
  • Bookings 24/7. Take anytime, any day, anywhere bookings.  Free up your team to focus on creating exceptional customer experiences.
  • Simplification. Effortless bookings and procedures for customers, reduce the time to train internal staff by using intuitive software that’s easy to use.
  • Automation. Real-time information, data, emails and communication.  No more duplicate keying of information between systems.
  • Integration. Work with third party platforms, and exchange data with your other key line of business applications.

Want to see Meeting Hub from a customers point of view?

Our booking software can have your logo, corporate colors and contact information.  That allows you to constantly reinforce your own brand & build customer loyalty.  Meeting Hub has been designed to make the booking process simple & easy to understand for your customers.  The objective is to present the options available, allow them to filter based on their criteria and then go ahead & register, book & pay.  Some of the extra features that your meeting room customers will love are:

  • Track free time usage. Set monthly allowances and then allow Meeting Hub to look after the rest.  Once your customer has used their entitlement, we will automatically start billing them for any additional usage;
  • Multiple rates. Once logged in, if they have negotiated special rates with you these will be automatically displayed and calculated without the need for manual intervention.
  • Discount Vouchers. If you’re running a social media campaign you can create discount vouchers which will automatically expire.
  • Payment information stored securely. After they have registered your customers can choose to store & manage their preferred card details online for future use.

In this example the Meeting Hub client has added a simple “Book online” button to their website to launch into the booking process.  Some enter the button URL into their email footers, direct marketing campaigns or from their social media sites.

Want to see Meeting Hub from your teams point of view?

You’ve seen how easy it is for your customers to search, select book & pay now lets take a look at Meeting Hubs booking software from your teams point of view.  Meeting Hub will allow your team to easily:

  • Setup & load new centres and rooms in minutes. Its easy to add in new inventory and make it available to be booked.
  • Booking packages. Quickly create packages for use by training companies who regularly book your training rooms on a per attendee basis.
  • Billing. Our booking system can be configured to send booking confirmations only, or sales invoices.  These can then be easily imported into any accounting system.
  • Cancellation terms. Configure the cancellation terms that your company uses and let Meeting Hub look after the rest.  If a customer cancels a room our software will look up these terms & conditions and deal with any refunds / credit notes.  If the payment was made by credit card we’ll even refund the money back on to the customers card for you!

More features & benefits

There is lots more under the hood of our meeting room booking software and we’ve only just scratched the surface.  Here’s some extra features & benefits that may be of interest to you as well:

  • Payments powered by Stripe. Process payments in over 120 currencies worldwide using Stripe secure payment gateway.  Funds are remitted directly into your own bank account improving cash flow.
  • Improve search rankings. Google loves providing relevant content & local services.  So the next time someone searches for a meeting room booking online and they are directed to your site, Google will see that you’re taking bookings online and this could improve your rankings (Who really knows how the black box of Google works!).
  • Need to process a payment after the meeting? Easy.  All payment information is securely stored by Stripe not by Meeting Hub.  So if a meeting room booking is extended and you need to charge the clients credit card after the meeting, no problem.
  • Improve your sales conversion rates. How many times have you called a customer back after they have filled in a form for them to say “It’s O.k, I’ve booked somewhere else already”.  Take the booking out of the market immediately.
  • Build your business not your competitors?. You don’t want to drive a booking to your competitor down the road by using a 3rd party booking site where everyone is listed.  Close the deal right then straight off your own website without paying any commission.

Go ahead – What are you waiting for.  Start taking bookings today!

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