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Meeting Hub provides you with the ability to setup “Vouchers” to enable the provision of discounts by way of a Voucher Code.  Vouchers are a great way of driving new revenue & increasing bookings by working with your marketing department and partners.


Voucher code fields

Code: This is unique to the Voucher code and should be easy to remember e.g: 15% Off;

Discount: This field should contain a dollar value or % discount;

Discount Type: Select ‘Fixed Amount’ or ‘Percentage’ based on the data entered in the Discount field;

Valid From (inc) / Valid To (inc): These fields are for the dates (inclusive) when your voucher will be active. The voucher will automatically expire after the Valid To date.

Note: Once a voucher has been created only the ‘Valid To’ date can be edited. This is to ensure that if the voucher has been used that any historical data is maintained.

Once set up and shared with customers, vouchers can then be used by your customers during the booking process by adding the voucher code to the booking and clicking ‘Update’:

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