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Reconciling Payments within Stripe


Stripe manages all credit card payments and remits the funds directly into your nominated bank account.  However, if you need to trace a payment or dig down to identify which booking it came from you can do so by logging into Stripe.

Its important that you understand how to login to Stripe and navigate to where your payment information is stored. This will allow you to troubleshoot any payment queries if needed.

Watch the YouTube Video Tutorial to learn how to navigate to Payments within Stripe where you can drill down into payments and refunds:

Navigate to Stripe (www.stripe.com) and sign up for account or login to your existing account.



Searching Stripe

From the Menu on the left, select payments:

This will display all the payments (grouped or individual) that have been received from Stripe.  Clicking a transaction will take you through to a breakdown of the individual charges including any refunds taken on that day.


Grouped payments

If multiple payments were processed in a day Stripe will group them together and remit one lump sum at the end of the day.

Depending on your bank this can take 1-3 business days to be received, however the payment is guaranteed as Meeting Hub will not confirm a credit card booking unless Stripe has confirmed that the payment was successful.



Refunds show on your bank statement as a debit drawn from the account.  However, if multiple payments were processed on the same day as a refund, Stripe will group the remittance together as seen the below example:

$100 charge

$100 charge

$50 refund

Total remitted $150



Every company manages their billing differently and therefore there is no one right way of reconciling invoices but if you would like advice based on how other companies manage this process please ask the Meeting Hub team.



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