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When you first log into Meeting Hub you will see the Quarterly Performance Dashboard.  Let’s review what you can see on this screen.

  1. Log Out: Click here to log out at any time.
  2. Welcome Admin Org: Click here to update your User Profile and change your Password.
  3. Navigation Bar Menu: Clicking this will expand or hide the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen.
  4. Navigation Bar: The navigation bar runs down the left-hand side of the screen. Click on a menu item to drill down in to that particular function, in this case, the Dashboard.
  5. Quarterly Performance Dashboard – Bookings by client type: It is possible to set up client types within the Meeting Hub application Organisation settings. Doing so allows organisations to report on valuable information about their own customers, such as, the volume of bookings made by each client type.
  6. Quarterly Performance Dashboard – Bookings by Client Type Menu: This menu allows Users to view the graphic in full page as well as export it in different formats as well as print the graphic.
  7. Quick Access Tiles: Quick access tiles allows Users to quickly view details about your clients, spaces and bookings.
  8. Top 10 customers: This is a dynamic view showing your top 10 customers by booking value and booking volume.
  9. Last 5 Bookings: displays that last 5 bookings in date / time order with the latest booked at the top.

Tip: Hover over the graphics in the Bookings by Client Type to see more granular information about the data.

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