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Billing Overview


Configure Billing

The billing file is an Excel spreadsheet containing the data that your accounting system requires to manage your billing, which should be saved locally as the file type your accounting system requires E.g. CSV.  The Meeting Hub Billing File can be imported into all accounting systems, however each system is slightly different and requires specific formats and information.  Therefore, the Meeting Hub billing file fields will need to be mapped to your accounting software billing fields to allow for upload into the accounting software. It is important to ensure you liaise with your Accounting Software Vendor to understand what is required to import transactions into the Accounting Software. You may also need to work with your Accounts Team to obtain the required field names and general ledger/account codes to ensure revenue associated with your bookings is posted into the correct accounts within your P&L.  The configuration only needs to be completed once, making future imports quick and easy.

The configuration settings for the billing file are located under My Organization Settings and are explained in more detail on the Billing File Set-up page.

Generate Billing File

After the initial configuration of the billing file is complete you will be able to export the file from Meeting Hub and begin the process of importing into your accounting system.  Details on accessing the billing file are located on the Billing File Download and Import page.

Verify Extract

During your first import, you may wish to verify and test the import to ensure that all of the required information is importing correctly.  Once you have verified that the import is working successfully, you’ll just need to ensure that the date range you have selected for the export from Meeting Hub is displaying the correct bookings prior to ticking ‘mark exported for invoice’.  More information on this can be found on the Billing File Download and Import page.

Test Import

The test import is only required during the first import, but can be added to your billing process as an additional check prior to completing the process. Note: the field mapping to your accounting system may change at any time should your accounting software change or update fields, this is outside of Meeting Hub’s control. If any fields change your accounting system may produce an error when attempting to upload the file – should this occur, the first thing to check is the required headers for your billing system, and that these still matching what has been configured on the My Organization Settings of Meeting Hub.

Run Billing

Once you are happy that the information contained in the billing file is correct you can proceed to import it into your accounting system.  Speak with your accounts team to see how they manage imports from other systems as Meeting Hub charges will be imported in the same way.  More information on the import can be found on the Billing File Download and Import page.

Reconcile Payments

With the booking charges now imported into your accounting system please see the Reconciling Payments page for more information on how to reconcile Stripe payments.

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