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Top 5 reasons for implementing a meeting room booking system

In 2017 we asked those who contacted us “What is the business driver for implementing a meeting room booking system” and the answers received were not dissimilar to previous years.  It seems that those core business drivers remain as important as ever, and as competition and growth continues in the Business Centre, Coworking, Serviced Office and Executive Office sector it’s not set to change in a real hurry either.


Whats interesting is when you dig underneath the top level reasons you discover the underlying issues are all to common.  We encounter these daily when working with business owners, operations managers, sales & marketing teams.  It’s not uncommon that during our discovery phase and implementation that we uncover at least 3 out of these 5 drivers every time.

Attract new customers

The number 1 reason given for implementing an online meeting room booking system like Meeting Hub is to attract new customers.  Smart operators know that by taking external bookings they increase the number of people coming into their space.  Imagine, if you have just 1 external conference room booking per week for 5 people.  That’s 25 new potential customers that just walked through your door.

Increase revenue

A close 2nd reason for taking bookings via an online system is to increase revenue.  Not just from external customers but internal customers as well.  By making the booking process easier, operators know that their customers will book more often.  We see this all the time and use a hotel analogy, which hotel will you book your vacation through?  The one where you can search for a room, retrieve the rate and book / pay with your credit card, or the hotel where you submit a form and wait for someone to call you back?  By which time, you’ve already found another hotel and booked there.

Reduce operating costs

Meeting room bookings is a balance between booking volume vs. booking value, and anyone will tell you that the more volume you do the greater your costs will be.  But its not just volume that contributes to this increase in costs.  Is surprising in 2018 that so many operators are still using manual processes to manage their meeting room bookings.  Google calendars, spreadsheets, honesty boxes at reception – we’ve seen them all!

Reduce admin errors

Closely linked to reducing operating costs is reducing admin errors.  There’s no busier place in a shared workspace environment than reception, so its no wonder that sometimes between greeting visitors, answering the phone, topping up the water cooler and ducking out to get more milk that things go astray.  Add to this when there are multiple systems that can’t exchange billing data and the re-keying that occurs is a perfect opportunity for administrative errors to occur.

Maximise marketing ROI

The final in our top 5 reasons for taking meeting room bookings online was to maximise marketing ROI.  Today more than ever marketing professionals are under pressure to create, manage & maintain a digital presence, whilst at the same time driving measurable value from the significant cost.  In 2017 we saw an increased number of operators who wanted to be able to have a clear line of sight between a visitors Google search and map this to confirmed bookings via an online meeting room booking system.

30-Day Free Meeting Room Booking System trial

If you’re still a little unsure of your reasons for wanting to take meeting, conference and training room bookings online why not sign up for a 30-Day free trial of Meeting Hub.  There’s no obligation and no need to provide a credit card or any payment information.  Sign up and see how easy it is to take meeting room bookings online today!