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Case Study

APSO (Previously Asian Pacific Serviced Offices) provide fully furnished flexible workspaces across Melbourne, Adelaide & Brisbane catering to between 1 – 15 people in prime business locations.  They also offer virtual offices, & meeting facilities which can be booked online using the Meeting Hub meeting room booking system.

Why use Serviced Offices or Coworking space?

These services are offered to businesses on flexible terms and are a great way for an organization to expand in a cost-effective way, without the need to commit to a long-term lease.  Serviced offices and Coworking spaces are like “Hotels for business”.  They have all the services that you need at your disposal from a front reception/concierge, to IT, Internet & Telephony.  It’s a great way to grow into new markets for those looking to expand overseas or to activate a team by immersing them into a busy collaborative coworking space.

Why use an online meeting room booking system?

Like other serviced offices, coworking or business centre operators, APSO were looking at ways to reduce their operating costs & improve revenue in a cost-effective, sustainable way using clever technology to engage with their customers.  They knew that the key to this success would be attracting new customers into their centres, at a lower cost of acquisition than their competitors to fuel their growth & expansion across Australia.

I work through a broker so why take bookings directly myself?

Sales is about doing a lot of little things right, and the greater you can expand your sales channels the better.  Some of the reasons we hear people say as to why they prefer to take bookings directly off their website is:

  • We want to own the relationship with the customer;
  • I want to build our brand, not someone else’s;
  • I’m concerned about client churn, and my customers being enticed down the road with a better offer;

Sound familiar?

So what did they do about it?

APSO integrated Meeting Hub with their existing website which allows them to convert their existing web traffic into paying customers.  Think about it, where would you prefer to book a hotel, through a site where you can search, select, book & pay or a website where you have to submit a form and wait for someone to call you back?  So the decision was easy & cost effective.

Read the attached case study to learn more about how Asian Pacific Serviced Offices increased their revenue by 10%, and reduced their operating costs by 70% just by taking bookings online using Meeting Hubs meeting room booking solution.

Download the full case study here.