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In the first of our 5 part series, we will outline the features relating to managing your bookings within Meeting Hub and explore how these features can automate your processes, decrease your overheads and increase your revenue!

Meeting Hub lists all your available spaces on your website with live availability and pricing allowing visitors to book and pay for their meeting room with instant confirmation. A booker can enter your website and leave with a confirmed and paid booking all within 3 minutes. However, Meeting Hub also has an extensive ‘back-end’ where, in addition to managing all aspects of existing bookings, Centre staff can also quickly and efficiently make bookings on behalf of clients.

Our ‘Book Now’ feature can give your staff the tools required to turn phone enquiries into paid and confirmed bookings by replicating and streamlining the external booker’s process.

meeting room booking calendar of availability

The Bookings calendar provides the ability for staff to view all bookings and meeting rooms on a particular day. If a client calls or visits reception asking for a meeting room staff can view the availability instantly. They can then highlight the requested meeting time and then book directly from the calendar providing instant confirmation to the client.

The interactive list allows staff to drag and drop bookings into different meeting rooms providing easy rescheduling, freeing up spaces for longer bookings and moving all associated amenity bookings such as projector and screens to the new meeting room. If a client wishes to alter the start and finish times of the meeting, the drag and drop feature can also be used to move the meeting to a different time slot.

meeting room booking calendar of availability

Our ‘List bookings’ feature can be filtered to show all the bookings within a date range. You can also search by client name, client company or meeting room. This feature can be used to confirm if all bookings have been entered and to make any changes to existing bookings. View the booking, add notes or re-issue a confirmed to the client. Bookings that were made and paid by with a credit card can be fully or partially refunded or given additional charges which link back to the original credit card and debit or credit it accordingly. Bookings made on invoice can be marked as paid or edited and issued with an updated invoice. If a client wishes to move their booking to a different day or to extend it from a short to longer, the reschedule/extend feature can be used. Or if the client wishes to cancel the booking entirely your cancellation policy is automatically applied.

meeting room booking calendar of availability

So, whether your clients prefer to book themselves, email or phone reception or simply pop by for a visit, Meeting Hub provides the tools required to streamline the booking process and turn an availability enquiry into a confirmed and paid booking. Why not ask us for an online demo or a free trial today to see how Meeting Hub can work for you!