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Rooms / Spaces

List Meeting Rooms

If you have multiple bookable spaces they will show here in list view.  Within each space you will be able to perform the following actions:

View Meeting Room

This shows all of the information relating to the meeting room and its settings

Edit Meeting Room

This will allow you to make changes to the current settings within the meeting room

De-activate Meeting Room

If you wish to remove the room from availability you can deactivate it using this option.  You will be able to reactivate it when you are ready.

TIP: If you have vacant offices or other temporary booking options you can use this feature to remove the space from availability while it is being used for other purposes.  Once it is available again you can simply reactivate it.

Archive Meeting Room

If you wish to permanently remove the room you can select ‘archive meeting room’.

TIP: if this is done by accident please contact Meeting Hub support who will be able to assist in retrieving the room.


Add Meeting Rooms

Business Center

Here you can select in which center the meeting room is located.

TIP: You will need to set up the center before you can add a meeting room.

Room Name

The name of the room.  This shows on the booking page, the confirmation and on the billing file.  It also displays on the Calendar to display upcoming bookings.

Capacity (seating)

The maximum number of people that the space can seat in its default set-up.  This will ensure that if a last minute booking is received, the room will be able to hold the booked number without additional set-up.

TIP: If multiple set up options are available you can list these in the Meeting Room Description field.

Floor level

The floor in which the meeting room is located.

Minimum booking hours and minutes

This field relates to minimum booking duration accepted in the meeting room.

TIP: If your minimum duration is less than an hour please ensure that ‘0’ is selected in the hour dropdown list.

Bookable start and end time

The start and finish times in which meetings can be booked.  Business Center Admins can enter bookings at any time as they are able to override the start and finish times.

TIP: Your Business Center operating hours will determine which bookings are held ‘out of hours’.  If your Business Center is set to close at 5:30pm but your Meeting Room is bookable until 8:00pm Basic users will not be able to book after 5:30pm and the booking will need to be made by a Business Center Admin

Meeting Room Description

Here you can enter a description of the meeting room which shows on the booking page to all users.  You can use this field to describe the features and location of the room.  If there are any specific requirements for booking this room, you can also list them here.

Room type

The room type relates to whether the space is a Boardroom, Meeting Room, Hot desk or Training Room.


The room can be either Active – meaning it displays as a bookable space or Inactive – meaning it does not display as a bookable space.  Use the feature to remove spaces that are temporarily unavailable without having to archive the space.

Preparation Time

Preparation time relates to the amount of time required between bookings.  By adding a preparation time onto a room it creates a buffer between bookings and prevents a booker from making a back-to-back booking.

TIP: Adding a preparation time reduces your bookable time each day and may reduce your revenue.  Please consider if this option is a necessity as a simple 15 minute buffer can reduce your availability by up to 4 hours a day when taking bookings in 30 minute increments.

Additional services

Amenities such as projector, plasma, tea and coffee etc can be loaded onto each meeting room on a per person, per hour or flat rate.  These show as bookable items on the main booking page and can be added as additional charges to an existing booking.

TIP: If an amenity is not showing as an option on your meeting room it make sure it is selected in organizational settings.


Meeting rooms can be programmed with an hourly, half day and full day rate.  These prices are the default for bookers that are not associated with a company programmed with a custom discount.

If a meeting is longer than a half day but shorter than a full day Meeting Hub will price it on Half day rate + hourly rate for each additional hour above half day.

NOTE:  Internal client discounts are applied to these rates allowing users to receive custom discounted pricing on room hire.  The user must be logged in and associated with a company that has a discount programmed on its Client settings.

TIP: A full day meeting is recognised as being 8 hours in duration.  If a meeting is 7.5 hours it can be cheaper


Here you can upload a photo of your space which will be displayed throughout the booking process.

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