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Meeting Hub gives you the information you need at your fingertips to manage your occupancy, and report on revenue in real-time.  Meeting Hub will display information for: Last month, This month, Next month and if you hover over the results you will see more information.  Meeting Hub provides you with the ability to dissect this information on-screen, in real-time by: Organization (Rolls up all Centers), Business Center (Rolls up all inventory), or bookable space:

  • Total booking value: This is the total amount of revenue (including amenities) for the period;
  • Occupancy level: This is the occupancy for the period;
  • Booking count: This displays the number (count) of bookings for the period

TIP: The billing file contains details of every booking stored in Meeting Hub. For more in-depth reporting you can download the billing file and filter down the information that you require.  This includes lead time, booking value, credit card vs invoice bookings, number of bookings per client etc.

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