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Package Deals

Packages are designed to use when a space or spaces should be charged per person INCLUSIVE of space hire for example a Training Space may be charged on a per-person basis.  By selecting a package your booker overrides the space hire rates (hourly, half, and full day) as well the selection of any amenities and will instead be charged the Package Rates.  Packages can be loaded to list all inclusions (E.g. Tea and Coffee, Projector), minimum and maximum numbers of attendees, and a price per person. Packages can be linked to a single Space or many Spaces.

List Packages

The Packages list view displays all current Packages set for your Organization.  The Action button allows the packages to be viewed, edited or deactivated.

Add Package


This is the Package name and will display on a Space once all parameters are completed and saved.

Minimum Attendees

This is the minimum number of attendees required to book this package.  If this number is not met or exceeded the package will not show as a bookable option.

Duration/ Fixed Slot

This setting relates to whether the Package is set for a specific start and finish time or simply a duration (number of hours).  If a fixed slot is selected ie 9:00 am – 5:30 pm the package will only display as a bookable option if the booker selects the exact times.  However, if a duration is selected E.g. 8 hours the package will display on the Space once the booker selects an 8-hour booking period.

TIP: If you are flexible with the start and finish times for Fixed Slots and would accept 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm and 9:00 – 5:00 pm it is possible to list the package multiple times to cover different combinations of full-day booking times.


Here you can free type and list all the inclusions of your package as well as any special requirements.  These Services will display on the space booking page within the Package details.

Rate per attendee

This is the price per person for the package.  At the time of booking, the booker will select the number of attendees,  the total price will be the rate per attendee x number of attendees selected.

Select Space to Allocate this Package to

A package can be linked to a single Space within a Location or many Spaces and Locations. Simply click on the drop down for Location / Center to select which Locations the Package should be linked to. Then select the relevant Space or Spaces.

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