Real-time reporting

“So did you hit your numbers last month?” chances are either you’re the one asking this question or you’re the one trying to answer the question.  Either way, typically the answer looks something like “I’m not sure lets wait until the 10th of the month when the P&L comes out”.  By then, it’s too late because chances are you didn’t hit your numbers, and you’re now 1/3 into the next month and it’s possibly too late to hit them this month as well.

Sound familiar?

What if you had real-time reporting over:

  • Occupancy levels: See which rooms are utilised more than others, forecast your occupancy and drive campaigns
  • Revenue: Historical & forecasting.  As you approach month end you’ll know if you’re going to hit your numbers or not, and more importantly you can do something about it!
  • Industry: Monitor & respond to industry trends by tracking which industries are booking more or less
  • And there’s more

It’s your booking data not ours.  You can export it and import it into your Business Intelligence suite for deeper analysis.  Integrate your booking data with your CRM for a full 360° view of your customer.

Give your team the tools to answer the question “Are you on track to hit your numbers this month”?