Rates, Taxes & Currency

Whether you’re a single location in Berlin or a multi-site operator in Kentucky, maybe you’re shifting Hot-desks out of Shanghai or running a Co-working centre in Byron Bay we’ve got you covered.  They say death & taxes are the only two certainties in life.  We think the 3rd one is free usage of your facilities if you’re not able to track & manage gratis usage properly!

Gratis time

Manage free time for your clients with ease safe in the knowledge that the really only get the 5 free hours your allocated!  You can see free time at each client level depending upon their contract terms or membership status.  Meeting Hub will automatically track gratis time and once they’ve used up their allowance it will automatically begin charging them.  No more free rides!

Multi-rate tables

Meeting Hub provides support for:

  • Internal;
  • External; and
  • Custom rates

And with user roles & profiles you can control who within your organization is able to set & configure these.

Tax & Currency

You can control tax rules & currencies at either the Organization of location level, so running a global organization processing bookings through a single site just got a whole lot simpler.