Real time credit card payments powered by StripeStripe

Why is this important?  Here’s just a few reasons why we think it’s important.

Increased conversions

By processing the payment at the time of booking you’ve effectively taken that deal (booking) out of the market.  Chances are if you currently have an “Enquiry only” form on your website you’re probably only seeing 10% of your potential.  People want (expect) instant gratification & confirmation.  Give it to them today.


Payment funds are remitted directly into your bank account.  We make money selling software not sitting on your hard earned $’s.  By taking payments at time of booking you increase cash-flow and smooth your earning pattern.  Why not offer your internal clients an incentive (discount) to pay via credit card.  Or you can still invoice your internal customers in the same way you do today but gain the operational efficiency of using Meeting Hub.

Search rankings

Google® and other search engines love relevance, conversions & time on site.  If Google sees you have the ability to complete the full end to end transaction, and people are spending time on your site selecting the room they want, on their preferred date / time then you’ll outrank your competition.

Forgot to charge something?

No problem.  Just like a hotel that charges your mini bar after you’ve checked out Meeting Hub provides you with the same facility.  So if your customer didn’t pay for tea & coffee or the projector during the booking process, simply charge their card after the booking takes place (we have a set of boiler plate terms & conditions we’ll give you that cover all that stuff!)